Pastoral Council

Pastoral Council

Pastoral Councils are based on the recognition of the dignity of every member of the Church, and a realization of the rightful role that all the people of God play in the life of the Church. Since the parish is a local manifestation of Christ’s Church, the Pastoral Council carries out its efforts in relationship to the Universal Church and the entire Diocesan community, within its particular, unique neighborhood setting.
Council members are parishioners called upon to exercise the ministry of leadership in the parish-young and old, long-standing and newly arrived. They are called upon to merge their commitment and conviction, their insights and experiences, in the ministry of service under the discipline of God’s Word and the inspiration of God’s Spirit. The Council commits itself in its responsibility to giving leadership through service. The Council is an attempt to get beyond interest and concern of the few. Council members are asked to expand the view, the understanding and sensitivity of the Pastor and the Parish staff. Further, they are expected to represent a broad spectrum of parishioner opinion.
The Pastoral Council meets six times yearly: September, November, January, March, May and June, on the second Wednesday of the month.

St. Joseph’s Pastoral Council invites any eager, curious, enthusiastic and/or interested parishioners to join.  No experience or qualifications are necessary.

Pastoral Council Corner:

We are delighted to share the names of those elected

To be At-Large members of St. Joseph the Worker

Pastoral Council for July 1, 2014-June 30, 2015:    20142015 members contact info


Click here to view the: constitution St.Joseph_the_Worker_Pastoral_Council 5-19-10.Final[1]We are so very grateful to all who have shared their time, gifts, talents, and faith in service of the parish and our parish family.