Finance Committee

The Finance Committee provides guidance and stewardship of parish finances. Goals discussed by members of the committee are:

  • to use parish financial resources in a way that will best nurture the growth of Christian life among our parishioners.
  • to insure the parish will be financially sound.
  • to share our resources with those in need.
  • to support the three-fold mission of the church: To worship; To teach; To serve.
Members are involved in various aspects of parish finances
  • ongoing review of parish expenses.
  • developing a budget with parish staff and committee chairpersons for the coming year.
  • developing and implementing a method of informing parishioners about the financial condition of the parish.
The weekly collection is our primary source of income. Many years ago, after prayerful deliberation, a decision was made by the Pastoral Council to begin sacrificial giving in our parish. Sacrificial giving is a gift of love, giving back to God a portion of what God has given us.
The importance of joyful and enthusiastic response to church support rather than dollar amounts is stressed at St. Joseph the Worker Church.

As always, the people of Saint Joseph’s have been very generous in sharing their resources as we gather in Liverpool to build God’s Kingdom in this world.