Parish Mission Statement

As members of the faith community of Saint Joseph the Worker, we are called to be people of God in this corner of creation called Liverpool, New York.
Creator God has reached out to us in love, calling each of us, calling all of us, to divine union, to union with one another in Christ Jesus. This invitation is extended because of our weakness, not because of our personal merit.

We are a pilgrim people, struggling to find our way with God’s help. We are a people committed to the Gospel message of love. We are joyous people because Jesus is with us on out journey. Liturgy is the source of our life and our strength.
Liturgy is the expression of our belief and our conviction. We grow in love through our encounter with Christ in sacrament, in scripture, and in one another. We see, we share. We serve, we sympathize.

We look at everyone; man, woman and child within the parish and without, and recognize a child of God, precious in the Lord’s sight, worthy of our love, our respect and concern. While life has challenge, most pointedly, life is gift. We walk with Jesus and with one another cherishing the gift and sharing our lives.